Cold-pressed EVO Eroica 0,5 ltr

Cold-pressed EVO Eroica 0,5 ltr

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Olio Extravergine di Oliva Eroica is a selections from the best extra virgin olive oil in the... more
Product information "Cold-pressed EVO Eroica 0,5 ltr"

Olio Extravergine di Oliva Eroica is a selections from the best extra virgin olive oil in the world. The olives used to make this oil are picked and taken in crates to the mill, where they are rapidly transformed to maintain their characteristics and organoleptic properties.

Olio Extravergine di Oliva Eroica is of a pleasingly brilliant appearance, which is accompanied by marked herbaceous notes evoking the smell of fresh vegetables. It has a balanced, elegant and harmonious flavour whose rounded bitter tang echoes the fragrant notes of artichoke.

Tips for use and preservation: An excellent oil for accompanying the great classics of Tuscan cuisine, such as beefsteak alla fiorentina and traditional cabbage and pulse-based soups, but also as an ingredient in a simple vinaigrette or a creative touch in a plain chocolate pudding. Store away from sources of light and heat.


"Cold-pressed EVO Eroica 0,5 ltr"
Region: Umbria
Manufacturer: Olio Farchioni
Quantity: 0,5 ltr
Certification: DOP

Olio Farchioni

We were born and bred in Umbria. Everyday, we select prime raw materials, and with humility, hard work and devotion, we've always worked hard to transform these materials into products of excellence. To create a unique story that we’ve being telling everyday since 1780. The great story of our oil.

We’ve always been passionately attached to the land we’ve always known. We work it with humility, driven by the desire to share our great quality with people capable of appreciating the value of good things everyday. Because a good oil must be for everyone.