Il Circolo

Il Circolo

Il circolo stands for:

- The cycle of reinvestment of the returns into the sustainable and social production of excellent organic olive oil in one of the poorest regions of Europe.

- The circle of olive oil lovers, who have one common goal: to stop the exploitation of farm workers and of nature in the olive oil industry.

- The annual rings of our Sicilian olive trees that have been producing superior olives for centuries and need all our care to continue to do so.

il circolo olive oil is a certified organic product according to EU regulations. We do not use pesticides and we focus on purely mechanical processing to make sure that our oil contains no chemical residues. il circolo’s entire manufacturing process, from cultivation to bottling, is controlled by us to guarantee the best quality.

Our goal is to manage il circolo socially and sustainably, so that our olive trees and their region reap the benefits. If industrialized olive oils priced in all the environmental and social effects of mass production, they would be much more expensive. il circolo wants to change the industry from inside by producing and promoting excellent olive oil that tries not to exploit people or nature.

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Organic extra virgin olive oil "Il Circolo" of Sicily - 0,5 lt. Organic extra virgin olive oil "Il Circolo" of... Il Circolo
Il Circolo Extra Vergin Olive Oil comes from olive trees that grow in Sicily, on the southern slopes of Monti Iblei at several hundred meters above sea level. From there you have a breathtaking view of the baroque city of Noto (UNESCO World Heritage Site) and the southern tip of Sicily, where the Ionian Sea and the Strait of Sicily meet and the wind carries salts and...
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