"Datterino giallo" yellow tomatoes - 400 gr.

"Datterino giallo" yellow tomatoes - 400 gr.

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Delicious 100% Italian yellow "datterini" (date) tomatoes, strictly non-GMO, naturally preserved... more
Product information ""Datterino giallo" yellow tomatoes - 400 gr."

Delicious 100% Italian yellow "datterini" (date) tomatoes, strictly non-GMO, naturally preserved in liquid and stabilised by a thermal pasteurisation process.

Extremely sweet and with a high antioxidant content, Datterini Gialli by La Fiammante are ready to be enjoyed on pizza and in salads. They are delicious in the preparation of sauces, especially to go with fish and pasta dishes.

Ingredients: yellow "datterini" (date) tomatoes, water, salt, acidity regulator (citric acid).

""Datterino giallo" yellow tomatoes - 400 gr."
Contains sulfites: Yes
Region: Puglia
Manufacturer: La Fiammante
Quantity: 400 gr
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.

La Fiammante

Tradition, quality, trust, and foresight. These are some of the key words of the historic company La Fiammante, the flagship brand of a production chain with 50 years of experience and a "unique innovative attitude", recognized by national and international certification bodies. The company is in Campania, home of the Mediterranean Diet and cradle of the Italian canning industry. La Fiammante protects the value of peasant labor through direct agreements that guarantee the right price (agreed in advance on the campaign) and the necessary support for farmers along the various stages of production: an authentic relationship, based on shared choices, mutual respect, and passionate and competent dedication. The high quality of La Fiammante preserves is the result of the selection of the best raw materials right from the varietal choice and the constant monitoring of the entire production cycle, able to meet the expectations of an increasingly aware and demanding consumer.