Paccheri rigati caserecci n. 76 - 250 gr.

Paccheri rigati caserecci n. 76 - 250 gr.

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The "Caserecci" formats, of which Paccheri are part, are forms of pasta made with artisan... more
Product information "Paccheri rigati caserecci n. 76 - 250 gr."

The "Caserecci" formats, of which Paccheri are part, are forms of pasta made with artisan methods according to the customs of the old master pasta makers of Fara San Martino. The precious durum wheat semolina and the cold spring water are bound in the gramola, which turns slowly, to create a firm and homogeneous dough. Then the vine and the mother screw push the dough against the rough bronze die to make the different shapes of pasta, or to create the Sfoglia dei Farfalloni, Sagnarelli and other shapes of Sfoglia.

Ingredients: durum wheat semolina and water. Allergens: durum wheat.


"Paccheri rigati caserecci n. 76 - 250 gr."
Region: Abruzzo
Manufacturer: Pastificio Giuseppe Cocco
Quantity: 250 gr
Pasta Format: Short
Contains gluten: Yes
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.

Pastificio Giuseppe Cocco

The ancient "Mastri" pasta makers claimed that the ingredients for a good pasta were four: wheat, water, air, and processing. The excellent organoleptic characteristics of the water of the Verde River fed exclusively by natural springs, and the particularly dry and ventilated climate, which allows a perfect drying of the pasta, are the two ingredients that nature has given to Fara S. Martino and that makes the pasta produced here unique. Even today the ancient and precious machines are followed by the careful and scrupulous control of Cav. Giuseppe Cocco. It is his irreplaceable experience to accompany all the processing phases so that all the protein and nutritional qualities of the meal remain intact, along with the taste.