Asti Spumante Fiorino D'Oro DOCG

Asti Spumante Fiorino D'Oro DOCG

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Grapes: Moscato Colour: clear sparkling wine, light straw yellow. Nose: fruity, characteristic... more
Product information "Asti Spumante Fiorino D'Oro DOCG"

Grapes: Moscato
Colour: clear sparkling wine, light straw yellow.
Nose: fruity, characteristic of Moscato grape.
Taste: sweet, characteristic of full and balanced Moscato grapes.

Food pairing: Ideal companion for sweets and desserts, fruit and dry pastries. Perfect with hazelnut, fruit and liqueur cake. Also for small pastries, panettone, pandoro. Tropical fruit salad, crepes, soufflé, donuts, sweet omelettes, crepes with jam, fruit tart. Excellent for all light, sophisticated and playful foods.

"Asti Spumante Fiorino D'Oro DOCG"
Region: Piemonte
Certification: DOCG
Contains sulfites: Yes
Manufacturer: Abbazia
Grape: Moscato
Alcohol: 7,5%, under 12% - light wine
Quantity: 0,75 ltr


After many generations, the Santero family is proud to own and manage this winery still so important for its historic and cultural significance. Over the years, under the expert guidance of the CEO, the new generation's members have followed the old way for over a century, keeping the same passion, the same love for nature and for the vineyard. It is a priceless experience which starts in the vineyards and ends into the bottle. Our mission is to obtain the best results from our vineyards through personal communication with nature, walking through the grapevines understanding their evolution day by day. Harvest time is certainly the most important for our company because our success starts here.  "Your land will never betray you" is one of the best mottos of the CEO (Santero Mario) who believes that If you grow your land with love and care, you will be rewarded with good fruits. This is where it all begins, the best sun exposure, the best soil and the ability to select the most mature grapes. Here’s where you get the best aroma and the greatest, the fuller and the most balanced flavor along with the most lasting and shining colors.