La bottega delle api

La bottega delle api

We started to breed bees, driven by an innate passion, we talked about bees without knowing them deeply until one day, almost 30 years ago, we decided to buy some swarms from an old beekeeper.

We learned the care and respect for bees by taking only a part of what they produce. We leave them sufficient supplies to get through the winter.

The better the bees are, the better the beekeeper is in a perfect symbiosis.
Bees, like all other animals, get sick. We only use natural products to help them live. The pastures where the bees collect nectar are chosen with care and we prefer unspoilt areas of our territory.

We are in Cava de' Tirreni, a few steps from Salerno, at the gates of the Amalfi Coast. In a splendid valley between the Lattari Mountains and the Amalfi Coast, an ideal place to produce in optimal conditions of flowering and humid heat.

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Organic orange blossom honey - 250 gr. Organic orange blossom honey - 250 gr. La bottega delle api
The orange tree is a typical Mediterranean plant and it blooms in May. The orange blossom honey is crystallized and creamy in texture. Its color is ivory white and the smell is intense, finely aromatic. It recalls the scent of orange blossom. The taste of this type of honey is sweet, while the aroma is intense, floral and fruity. It is excellent when combined with foods with...
€4.90 *
Organic acacia honey - 250 gr. Organic acacia honey - 250 gr. La bottega delle api
The acacia trees bloom from the end of April to the first days of May, offering bees large quantities of nectar. The acacia honey is by far children's favorite because of its delicate and sweet taste. This type of honey is fairly liquid, clear and almost transparent, and it has a light straw colour. Ideal if used as an alternative to sugar, also to sweeten drinks.
€7.50 *
"Millefiori" organic wildflower honey - 250 gr. "Millefiori" organic wildflower honey - 250 gr. La bottega delle api
Among the flowers that colour the meadows of the hills around Cava de' Tirreni, not far from the Amalfi coast where the honey is produced, there are clovers, sulla, thistle and thyme, all plants that bloom in the spring and summer months. Millefiori honey is crystallized, with a creamy texture. The color is beige with shades that fade into yellow. The smell is delicate,...
€4.50 *
Organic Castagno honey - 250 gr. Organic Castagno honey - 250 gr. La bottega delle api
Chestnut is the typical plant of hilly forests and blooms in June. nectar production is so abundant that bees collect it until it is night. honey has a consistently liquid consistency, dark amber color with reddish hues, very intense, characteristic and pungent odor. the flavor is attenuated by a strong bitter component; the aroma is tannic, wooden and leaves the mouth dry...
€5.70 *
Organic Eucalipto honey - 250 gr. Organic Eucalipto honey - 250 gr. La bottega delle api
Eucalyptus is a tree that grows along the coasts where it resists the saltiness and the harshness of the wind. it blooms in July. honey is crystallized, the consistency is pasty and the color is beige with gray, hazelnut tones. the intense smell is helichrysum, Mediterranean scrub. the taste is not very sweet. the intense aroma closely resembles a milk candy with licorice or...
€5.70 *