Organic acacia honey - 250 gr.

Organic acacia honey - 250 gr.

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The acacia trees bloom from the end of April to the first days of May, offering bees large... more
Product information "Organic acacia honey - 250 gr."

The acacia trees bloom from the end of April to the first days of May, offering bees large quantities of nectar.
The acacia honey is by far children's favorite because of its delicate and sweet taste.
This type of honey is fairly liquid, clear and almost transparent, and it has a light straw colour.
Ideal if used as an alternative to sugar, also to sweeten drinks.

"Organic acacia honey - 250 gr."
Region: Campania
Manufacturer: La Bottega delle Api
Quantity: 250 gr
Certification: BIO
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.

La bottega delle api

We started to breed bees, driven by an innate passion, we talked about bees without knowing them deeply until one day, almost 30 years ago, we decided to buy some swarms from an old beekeeper.

We learned the care and respect for bees by taking only a part of what they produce. We leave them sufficient supplies to get through the winter.

The better the bees are, the better the beekeeper is in a perfect symbiosis.
Bees, like all other animals, get sick. We only use natural products to help them live. The pastures where the bees collect nectar are chosen with care and we prefer unspoilt areas of our territory.

We are in Cava de' Tirreni, a few steps from Salerno, at the gates of the Amalfi Coast. In a splendid valley between the Lattari Mountains and the Amalfi Coast, an ideal place to produce in optimal conditions of flowering and humid heat.