Puttanesca sauce with "taggiasche" olives - 180 gr.

Puttanesca sauce with "taggiasche" olives - 180 gr.

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In both fishing and inland villages of the Liguria region, the sweetness of the local tomato has... more
Product information "Puttanesca sauce with "taggiasche" olives - 180 gr."

In both fishing and inland villages of the Liguria region, the sweetness of the local tomato has inspired the making of excellent pasta sauces. Respecting tradition, Casa Bruna sauces are prepared adding ingredients one by one, in what is a long process of stirring and boiling. Casa Bruna presents a range of tomato based pasta sauces in extra virging olive oil, simple and genuine, to bring to your table the true flavors of Mediterranean cuisine.

This sauce was supposedly created at the beginning of the twentieth century in the Spanish Quarters of Naples, which at that time was the red light district of the city. According to legend, it was the mistress of a brothel who created this recipe to invigorate and refresh her guests.

Ingredients: tomatoes 70%, taggiasche olives 2%, extra virgin olive oil, onions, aubergines, peppers, zucchini, anchovies, capers, sugar, garlic, pepper, herbs, salt, natural flavors.

"Puttanesca sauce with "taggiasche" olives - 180 gr."
Region: Liguria
Manufacturer: Casa Bruna
Quantity: 180 gr
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.

Casa Bruna

When talking about the history of our firm and the Bruna family then we have to go back a couple of centuries. Captain Filippo Bruna, after leaving his military carrier, decided to integrate the cultivation of olive trees with the introduction of an olive mill. Since that day, both craftsmanship and passion have been passed on from one Filippo to one Vincenzo for five generations. This inestimable heritage and the love for our traditions are still today the secret of our extra virgin olive oil. The art of “making” olive oil together with our grandmas' recipes have been passed on from generation to generation within Casa Bruna. The tastes of our cuisine remind us of the nature of our people, they are frank, sometimes rough, but always direct. They testify a poor cuisine, where fantasy has been transformed from necessity to virtue. It is a real casket of goodness, a culinary tradition that always fascinates and amazes with its ability in conjugating taste and lightness, as well as preserving and flavoring every product from the kitchen garden, sea or forest. Our aim is to tell you, through the pleasure of food, a piece of history. The traditions, not only of our family but also of people who have al-ways lived clung to this narrow spit of land between the Ligurian Sea and the Maritime Alps, kissed by the sun and swept by the wind.