Hot chilly peppers in oil - 280 gr.

Hot chilly peppers in oil - 280 gr.

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Product information "Hot chilly peppers in oil - 280 gr."
"Hot chilly peppers in oil - 280 gr."
Region: Abruzzo
Manufacturer: Contado degli Acquaviva
Quantity: 280 gr

Contado degli Acquaviva

There is one reason if we got our name from the noble house of Acquaviva. The Dukes of Acquaviva, who established the roots of their manor and asserted their dominance across the territory of Teramo from 1395, was a family of real gourmets. This passion they had is the key to our gastronomy treaty. To honor such a prestigious and exalted name as well as to enhance and glorify the qualities of the Italian culinary delights, we employ carefully selected products only. Appreciators of good taste have plenty to choose from. In the wide range of products “Contado degli Acquaviva”, we offer so many delicacies to not leave nobody high and dry. Not even the most sophisticated palate. A wealth of artisanal products to rediscover the old, traditional pleasures of the table.