Saffron pistils - 0,25 gr.

Saffron pistils - 0,25 gr.

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Saffron pistils are obtained from the whole stigmas of the beautiful violet flowers of the... more
Product information "Saffron pistils - 0,25 gr."

Saffron pistils are obtained from the whole stigmas of the beautiful violet flowers of the "Crocus sativus", which must be harvested early in the morning before the flowers open.
To use saffron pistils, first immerse them in very hot (but never boiling) water, and leave them to infuse for at least 40 minutes, making sure the water does not cool. The longer the infusion time, the greater the aroma released. With its golden yellow color and intense saffron aroma, the infusion must be filtered and then it can be added to your dishes. For desserts, soups and saffron risotto, hot water can be replaced with milk.
Saffron is the basic ingredient of many dishes of the culinary tradition of northern Italy, such as Milanese risotto, but it also goes well with fish dishes, shellfish, pasta and vegetable dressings.

Ingredients: saffron pistils.
Allergens: it may contain traces of cereals containing gluten, soy, celery, mustard, sesame seeds, peanuts, shellfish, milk derivatives, sulphites.

"Saffron pistils - 0,25 gr."
Region: Sicilia
Manufacturer: Borghini
Quantity: 25 gr
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.


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