Letizia Passerina Marche BIO IGT

Letizia Passerina Marche BIO IGT

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CHARACTERISTICS Classification: Marche Passerina IGT "Letizia". Vintage: 2020 Grape varieties:... more
Product information "Letizia Passerina Marche BIO IGT"

Classification: Marche Passerina IGT "Letizia".

Vintage: 2020
Grape varieties: 100% Passerina

Passerina or also called golden grape because at the moment of maturation the berry turns golden yellow.

To appreciate with seafood cuisine, appetizers, fish soups, molluscs and crustaceans, baked fish, banked meats.

Brilliant straw-yellow wine which stands out with scents of elder, grapefruit and ripe yellow-flesh fruit. The acidulous vein and sapidity are balanced with an excellent structure, good persistence and great softness.



"Letizia Passerina Marche BIO IGT"
Region: Marche
Certification: BIO, IGT
Contains sulfites: Yes
Grape: Passerina
Manufacturer: Terra Fageto
Colour: White
Quantity: 0,75 ltr
Year: 2020

Terra Fageto

Terra Fageto is a family wine, of our family. It is the emblem of willpower and hard work, even stubbornness at times, but in the end, what a wine!
Between the rows we recognize the footprints of our parents and grandparents, and towards evening, when the shadows lengthen, we almost seem to hear their voices and see their hands caressing the bunches of grapes.

He worked the land with a bent back and a fatigue that seems unthinkable today. Dante, a good man, a great worker, from his father Emidio inherited the courage and the strength to offer to others the fruits of his work. He produced wine with passion and the desire to share good things. He sold it on the doorstep, with a smile and a good word for everyone.

Time has rewarded the many sacrifices, and the wind has carried far away the family name and the rumors about a special wine.