"Centenario" white Lambrusco amabile (sweet)

"Centenario" white Lambrusco amabile (sweet)

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Product information ""Centenario" white Lambrusco amabile (sweet)"
""Centenario" white Lambrusco amabile (sweet)"
Region: Emilia Romagna
Certification: IGT
Contains sulfites: Yes
Manufacturer: Chiarli
Grape: Lambrusco
Quantity: 0,75 ltr


Making good wine is only part of the challenge. The real challenge is to build a world around wine where quality, passion, perseverance, and seriousness come together in a "unicum" of inestimable value. Successive generations, repeated difficulties, epochal changes, but always constant attention and total dedication to the product and the customer. One hundred and fifty years, a moment and eternity, always and only one goal: true wine and certain quality for all. Pride in one's own land, traditions, and its fruits: inexhaustible energy to progress and improve. The Chiarli family, always faithful to these principles, is ready for today's challenge: to renew the image and increase the value of Lambrusco and the wines of the territory. Unique vineyards, a winery conceived for excellence and a deep passion, all to obtain high profile and great style wines.