Chiaretto Rosé Corte Pitora Bennati

Chiaretto Rosé Corte Pitora Bennati

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Product information "Chiaretto Rosé Corte Pitora Bennati"
"Chiaretto Rosé Corte Pitora Bennati"


A lonely journey. Antonio Bennati was born in 1870 in Cazzano di Tramigna, just a few kilometres from Soave. Toni Recioto", as he was called in the name "Toni Recioto", started producing and selling wine at a young age in the famous bottles in baskets. He was followed by his son Annibale, who founded the Cantine Bennati winery in 1920. We have been a great winery for more than 140 years, telling the story of the wines of Valtramigna.