Barolo Riserva Gomba DOCG

Barolo Riserva Gomba DOCG

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Colour: ruby red with garnet reflections in evolution with ageing. Bouquet: ethereal, intense,... more
Product information "Barolo Riserva Gomba DOCG"

Colour: ruby red with garnet reflections in evolution with ageing.

Bouquet: ethereal, intense, floral and fruity with hints of rose and blackberry to which are added, with the evolution, spicy notes.
Taste: structured, elegant, reminiscent of the olfactory sensations and with a spicy mineral aftertaste. Tannins still crisp prelude to a slow evolution and extreme longevity.

Location: Barolo (Cuneo). This is the vineyard, the only one, that Sergio Gomba found in the company at the time of purchase in the summer of 1991. Estimated age: 70 years. Position: 300 m. a.s.l. facing south-west.
Soil: clayey with marl and limestone of the "Tortoniana" era, which traditionally gives rise to wines recognizable for their finesse, the elegance of their perfumes and their softness (however soft a Barolo may be).

The vine
Grape variety: 100% Nebbiolo, estimated age of about 70 years. Manual harvesting with rigorous selection of the bunches.
Pruning: Guyot. Density: 4,400 vines per hectare.

The Wine
Vinification: soft pressing with destemming; fermentation at controlled temperature with maceration of 20-25 days with submerged cap. Slow maturation in Slavonian oak barrels and then in stainless steel. This is followed by a long aging in the bottle. 62 months after harvesting, it is ready for sale.

Food pairing: large meats, roasts, game, dishes with truffles, mature hard cheeses.

Note at the moment is the only Barolo Riserva with additional geographical mention "Boschetti".


"Barolo Riserva Gomba DOCG"
Region: Piemonte
Certification: DOCG
Contains sulfites: Yes
Grape: Nebbiolo
Manufacturer: Cascina Boschetti
Quantity: 0,75 ltr

Cascina Boschetti

Do you know Sergio Gomba? Perhaps, it is easier to know his wines. 

To tell the story means to reveal the results of a lifetime work, tough and capable. A life spent, in the last 25 years, to cultivate a dream: the rebirth of Cascina Boschetti, just above the village of Barolo. Sergio Gomba’s work has turned the house and the vineyards into a beautiful estate in one of the most beautiful locations in the heart of the Barolo DOCG. 

“The work has never scared me, even now that I have a certain age,” he says without em-phasis, this man of few words.