Rosso Gargano

In our history as producers, deciding to join forces to equip ourselves with one of our plants has been an important choice, one that leads to real results. The tomato has been lucky enough to find in the land of Puglia the most suitable conditions to grow thirsty for water and with all the southern sun inside.
We farmers choose together the most suitable varieties for each soil, using drip irrigation in our fields, because the water is precious.
Even for some varieties such as cherry tomatoes and dates we can use the sea water of the nearby coastal lake of Lesina: you should taste it!
The love for this fruit pushes us to follow it from sowing to harvesting with great care and with the conviction that we can maintain all its properties.

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Pomodorini di Puglia, cherry tomatoes - 400 gr. Pomodorini di Puglia, cherry tomatoes - 400 gr. Rosso Gargano
Pomodorini di Puglia by Rosso Gargano is a refined variety of cherry tomatoes, whole and extremely tasty. It's the perfect tomato for those who envision their dishes to be glorious images of fantasy, colors and "italianity". Ingredients: cherry tomatoes, tomato juice
€1.40 *
Pelati di Puglia, peeled tomatoes - 400 gr. Pelati di Puglia, peeled tomatoes - 400 gr. Rosso Gargano
Peeled with care, Pelato di Puglia represents the Italian tomato of the collective imagination. It is the most traditional, firm and full-bodied tomato, able to give your dishes both substance and appearance: fullness of nature and iconic presentation. Ingredients: peeled tomatoes, tomato juice, acidity regulator: citric acid
€0.99 *