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Funghi Porcini secchi 40 gr. Funghi Porcini secchi 40 gr. Naturbosco
The Italian Ceruti family is specialized in the careful selection and skilful processing of forest products for over twenty years. Dried porcini mushrooms of the highest quality are selected to be packaged in a polybag. It gives rich and aromatic flavour. It is natural and wholesome which is good and suitable for pasta, risotto and soup
€5.90 *
Tartufo estivo in salamoia 25 gr. Tartufo estivo in salamoia 25 gr. Naturbosco
After harvesting, the summer truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt) is cleaned, boiled and stored in its cooking water. The process ensures maximum yield of the truffle, which retains its original organoleptic characteristics without altering the filling. Perfume and flavor and is ready to be used on bruschettas, pasta, rice, eggs or fillings.
€12.90 *