Our history is the history of our products and the passion that the Montorsi family has been carrying on for over five generations. It is the history of our prestigious brand that has been able to transmit its values unchanged over time, bringing them up to date.

We produce and market hams and salami typical of the Modena area, local flavors that make the joy of good food!

Our secret ingredients: the good air of the hills and the wisdom of the hands of our men, guardians of the family's salami tradition. We have been keeping these secrets for more than five generations, deepening them in our business and creating unique and quality products.

Tradition and modernity coexist in our work, to offer gourmets the best quality cold cuts.

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Salame abruzzese, pork salami - 250 gr. Salame abruzzese, pork salami - 250 gr. Montorsi
The recipe of this excellent Montorsi salami is typical of Abruzzo, the region in Central-Southern Italy: made with very finely ground pork meat, masterly seasoned and dry-cured in a little metal cage to give its typical flat shape, it has a delicate flavour with a hint of pepper. Gluten free. Ingredients: pork, salt, dextrose, spices and aromatic plants, antioxidant (E300),...
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