Cantuccini Matilde Vicenzi - 225 gr

Cantuccini Matilde Vicenzi - 225 gr

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These Italian almond biscuits are one of the most beloved and well-known Italian desserts. They... more
Product information "Cantuccini Matilde Vicenzi - 225 gr"

These Italian almond biscuits are one of the most beloved and well-known Italian desserts. They are made with natural ingredients and packed with flavour. Perfect with a glass of raisin wine or a cup of coffee.

Following the original recipe, Matilde Vicenzi brings you a classic from Italy’s culinary history: Cantuccini, timeless cookies that revive the taste of Tuscany’s pastry tradition.

The name “cantucci” most likely dates back to the 16th century, and seems to derive from the Latin “cantellus” which means “piece of bread”.

In fact, according to tradition, cantucci were originally off-cuts from the sweet loaves that bakers would sell to their wealthiest customers. The discarded portion would be eaten by peasant families, and was called the “cantuccio” or “canto”, which means “on the corner”.

WHEAT flour, sugar, ALMONDS 18%, barn EGGS, glucose syrup, sunflower oil, honey,
non-fat MILK powder, rice flour, salt, raising agents: sodium hydrogen carbonate,
ammonium hydrogen carbonate, orange and vanilla natural flavourings.

May contain SOY, OTHER NUTS.

"Cantuccini Matilde Vicenzi - 225 gr"
Region: Veneto
Manufacturer: Matilde Vincenzi
Quantity: 225 gr
Contains gluten: Yes
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.

Matilde Vicenzi

Matilde Vicenzi's story begins in 1905 with a small but precious production of pastries, ladyfingers, amaretti and puff pastries.
Matilde Vicenzi's world is engaging and fascinating, ready to give you moments of sweetness and warmth typical of the people you care about, where even a simple chat acquires an unmistakable flavor.