Organic Carnaroli rice - 500 gr.

Organic Carnaroli rice - 500 gr.

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Carnaroli Rice is the richest in amylose, a substance that contributes to the consistency of the... more
Product information "Organic Carnaroli rice - 500 gr."

Carnaroli Rice is the richest in amylose, a substance that contributes to the consistency of the grains. Also for this reason, the Carnaroli rice variety has an excellent balance between good absorption capacity and low loss of starch, ensuring an excellent cooking hold. With its grains remaining perfect and well shelled, it's particularly appreciated by great chefs. It is suitable for risottos and fine dishes. 

This rice is certified "extra quality", thanks to the traditional stone husking process and a meticulous selection, which allows the defect rate of the product to be less than 1/3 of that required by law.

"Organic Carnaroli rice - 500 gr."
Region: Piemonte
Manufacturer: Cascina Belvedere
Contains gluten: Yes
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.

Cascina Belvedere

In the Farmhouse Belvedere the family Picco is handed down of generation in the generation the experience and the love for the earth, producing the good Italian rice and the best risotti for the whole family.  Farmhouse Belvedere follows all the passages of the production of the rice, from the field to the table. In this way, we bring in every house taste and genuineness. Each batch of rice is traceable from seed to packaging. The product is worked a little at a time, by hand, with a slight hulling, which ensures a better nutritional intake and a more intense flavor.