Instant polenta with truffle - 250 gr.

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Polenta is the dish that best represents the rural culinary tradition of northern Italy.... more
Product information "Instant polenta with truffle - 250 gr."

Polenta is the dish that best represents the rural culinary tradition of northern Italy.

Polenta with truffle enables you to bring to the table one of the most ancient recipes of the Italian culinary tradition in just a few minutes.

Ingredients: instant maize flower 95%, truffle (Tuber Aestivum Vitt.) 0,3%, porcini (mushrooms of the Boletus Edulis group), onion, carrot, tomato, salt, cane sugar, chives, parsley, turmeric, traffle aroma. It may contain traces of milk and gluten.

"Instant polenta with truffle - 250 gr."
Region: Abruzzo
Manufacturer: S.Z. Tartufi
Quantity: 250 gr
Contains gluten: Yes
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.

S.Z. Tartufi

The history of S.Z. Truffles began in the mid-80s when Zaccardi Pasqualino and Serafini Ugo, at first quarrymen, laid the first foundations of what was then just a hobby and that, with the passing of the years will become their commercial activity. The experience gained in this field has proved to be of fundamental importance: the love for nature and its products and the link with the dog, are factors that have always accompanied them in their activity that has evolved, and that now allows the S.Z. Truffles to share its history, its experience and its dedication to truffles with customers around the world.

S.Z. truffles also boasts a wide range of truffle products that will satisfy all your gastronomic needs. They are very well suited in fact to be used to dress first courses, main courses of meat or fish, canapés and anything else the imagination suggests. All our products are sterilized and comply with the regulations in force regarding H.A.C.C.P.