Olive leccino in Salamoia Bio

Olive leccino in Salamoia Bio

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Medium-sized olive with a sweet taste. Perfect to present as appetizers or as appetizers. Store... more
Product information "Olive leccino in Salamoia Bio"

Medium-sized olive with a sweet taste. Perfect to present as appetizers or as appetizers.
Store in a cool, dry place. After opening, store in the refrigerator and consume the product within 3/4 days.

"Olive leccino in Salamoia Bio"
Region: Puglia
Certification: BIO, Demeter
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.
Manufacturer: Giancarlo Ceci - Agrinatura
Quantity: 180 gr

Giancarlo Ceci

Deep roots and a great family passion since 1819 when Consalvo Ceci (seven generations before Giancarlo) acquired the estate. It would be enough to tell the story of this company to realize the dedication and care that the Ceci family, for almost two hundred years, dedicated to the land and its fruits. The estate is located in a strategic position, 250 meters above sea level, between Andria and Castel del Monte, and 20 kilometers from the sea in the pre-Murgian hilly area that at that time (early nineteenth century) was intended for pastureland. In 1988, after graduating in Agriculture, Giancarlo founded Agrinatura with the aim of continuing the family farming traditions in full respect of the environment.

In December 2011 the company obtained a prestigious award, the Demeter biodynamic certification. A fundamental starting point to look to the future of agriculture, without losing sight of the past and the long journey that has accompanied the history of this family over the centuries. Biodynamic because if you want to get in tune with nature and get the best out of it through the fruits, there is no other way than the care and full respect of the land. The mission that the company proposes itself through the use of biodynamic farming systems is intended to be a strong signal to be passed on to the new generations so that they can acquire greater awareness of the importance of natural resources and the earth.