Anchovy fillets - 700 gr.

Anchovy fillets - 700 gr.

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Scalia anchovies are fished by the local fishing fleet; they are processed by hand -as per... more
Product information "Anchovy fillets - 700 gr."

Scalia anchovies are fished by the local fishing fleet; they are processed by hand -as per tradition- immediately after the catching. In this way the fish remains soft, tasty and with exceptional nutritional qualities.

Ingredients: anchovies, extra virgin olive oil, salt

"Anchovy fillets - 700 gr."
Region: Sicilia
Manufacturer: Scalia
Quantity: 700 gr
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.


The Fish Industry Canned Food Benedetto Scalia was born in Sciacca (Ag) in 1973. Its sea, particularly rich in fish, is mainly suited to bluefish fishing, especially anchovies and sardines. The great abundance of this type of fish has led to the proliferation of many small farms for the production of salted sardines, salted anchovies and anchovy fillets. Even today in the port area of the city a significant number of artisan micro-companies meet. Even Benedetto Scalia began his activity in a small restaurant, with the help of a few collaborators. Soon the market shows a high approval rating for Scalia products and sales are constantly increasing. The quality, always of a high level, as well as winning over an ever-increasing number of customers, attracts the attention of some market leader companies that ask Scalia to produce on their behalf.