Sixty years, but he doesn't look it.

It was the year 1953 when Mario Fiasconaro, Fausto's father, Martino and Nicola Fiasconaro began their adventure as ice cream maker and pastry chef.

At that time there were no refrigerators. Ice cream was made with snow, which was stored for the preparation of ice cream.

Then came the first experience with pastry, cassatine, cannoli, "sfincioni" with ricotta cream up to the "mountains" of profiteroles, which soon became a real workhorse.

Under the guidance and teachings of father Mario, Fausto, Martino and Nicola grew up in the meantime, and they quickly took over the family art, contributing in a decisive way to the definitive launch of the company on a national and international level.

The experience accumulated over the years between the artisan workshops and pastry shops, first in Italy and then abroad, and the knowledge of the most advanced processing techniques have made Fiasconaro pioneers in the artisan pastry sector.

The love for the flavours of the earth, respect for the times of nature and an unshakeable faith in tradition have never made them give in to the flattery of large-scale industrial production.

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