Chinotto - 4 x 20 cl. pack

Chinotto - 4 x 20 cl. pack

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Sanpellegrino Chinotto is a real 'cult' drink with a distinctive flavor of its own.... more
Product information "Chinotto - 4 x 20 cl. pack"

Sanpellegrino Chinotto is a real 'cult' drink with a distinctive flavor of its own.

Chinotto was  created in the 1950s and is  made with the extract of sun-ripened chinotto oranges,  which derive their typical flavor from the unique environmental conditions of the Mediterranean.

A deep brown color with a small addition of carbonic acid rolling off the tongue, every sip of the iconic Chinotto is a trip to the south of Italy.

The full,  exquisite aroma of chinotto essential oils  plays with the aroma of orange blossom while the rich taste balances between sweet and bitter with light references to cinnamon and rhubarb from the mix of 20 different spices.

A remarkable drink that is distinguished by its fresh and clear taste. Try Chinotto with Italian dishes like  puntarelle with anchovies  or  fried fish , and join fans from all over the world who have loved the Chinotto for generations.

Serve chilled, preferably at 3-4 ° C.

A lemon zest garnish will emphasize Chinotto's intense aromas even better.

"Chinotto - 4 x 20 cl. pack"
Region: Lombardia
Sparkling: Yes
Manufacturer: San Pellegrino
Alcohol: No
Quantity: 4 x 200 ml

San Pellegrino

Sanpellegrino occupies a prominent place in the panorama of Italian companies with a rich history and roots far back in time. The Sanpellegrino brand was born in 1899 when, at the eponymous thermal establishment, the water that flows at the foot of the Alps in the Brembana Valley begins to be bottled. Sanpellegrino in 1932 invents a new product, the Aranciata, with great immediate success and in 1956 introduced the Chinotto. Today Sanpellegrino represents the largest reality in the beverage sector in Italy with a significant number of mineral waters, non-alcoholic aperitifs, and soft drinks