Tonica Superfine - 4 x 180 ml. pack

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Tassoni  presents the first tonic water made with natural citron. Pure and crystal... more
Product information "Tonica Superfine - 4 x 180 ml. pack"

Tassoni presents the first tonic water made with natural citron. Pure and crystal clear, the new tonic water has the distinctive citrusy flavour of citron topped with aromatic herbal notes.Tassoni’s special recipe is naturally refreshing and low in sugar. Rather than using traditional quinine, the new tonic is made with the extract of the quassia tree, which contains quassin, known for its beneficial bitterness.The base of carbonated demineralized water with the addition of citric acid enhances the natural flavours, and unique, fresh blend of citrus notes..

"Tonica Superfine - 4 x 180 ml. pack"
Region: Calabria
Sparkling: Yes
Manufacturer: Tassoni
Quantity: 4 x 180 ml


In the beverage sector Cedral Tassoni is an excellence. Worldwide, it is one of the few industrial companies that directly produces aromas, constantly monitoring the supply chain, from the selection of fruits to the preparation of aromas, to bottling to the finished product, a guarantee of quality. Discover how Cedar is processed.

Put together the shores of Lake Garda, the tradition of distilling hydro-alcoholic infusions made from cedar, a Spezial Laboratory, respect for raw materials, far-sightedness and a name that still today, after two centuries of history, delights the palates of true connoisseurs.

Cedral Tassoni, an all-Italian company founded in 1793 in Salò, is the symbol of timeless quality thanks to a controlled supply chain, the ability to look to the future while enhancing the past and a taste that never contradicts.