Pandoro Crema Cioccolato 750 gr

Pandoro Crema Cioccolato 750 gr

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La classica forma del Pandoro impreziosito da creme deliziose racchiuse in soffice pasta... more
Product information "Pandoro Crema Cioccolato 750 gr"

La classica forma del Pandoro impreziosito da creme deliziose racchiuse in soffice pasta decorata con uno spolvero di zucchero a velo o con una nuvola di cacao zuccherato.

Con golosa Crema Cioccolato Fondente, avvolto in una nuvola di Cacao Zuccherato.

"Pandoro Crema Cioccolato 750 gr"
Region: Veneto
Quantity: 750 gr
Contains gluten: Yes
May contain allergens: Yes - Always check the information on the product label before its consumption or use.


In 1921, in an Italy straddling the two World Wars, full of change and innovation, "Paluani," a family-owned company specializing in the production of Pandoro, leavened pastries and puddings, was born in the heart of Verona. Over the years, the company grew steadily: from the introduction of Panettone and chocolate production, to environmental sustainability initiatives such as the use of energy from renewable sources and recycled materials. All Paluani products are made with a focus on the company's mission: "to produce sweets that tell the story of the love with which they are made: through the selection of the best ingredients, researching quality in every detail, and using recipes and production methods that are faithful to the great tradition of Italian pastry making."