From Ruggero Bauli, to the pastry chefs who still preserve tradition today.
Ours are a past and a present of love and passion.

A great history...
Bauli's story begins many years ago, when Ruggero Bauli returned from the Great War in his Verona. But times are difficult, and Ruggero decides to move to the other side of the world, in Argentina. After escaping a shipwreck, he found a job at the pastry shop "Paris" in Buenos Aires, quickly becoming head of 40 pastry chefs.

In 1936, Ruggero returned to Verona. Here he founded an artisan pastry shop that bears his name, and that became the protagonist of a great, incessant growth capable of withstanding a new world war and that led Bauli to become a brand leader around the world.

Today, the secrets of our art are carried on by Bauli pastry chefs, who, driven by their passion for their work, are inspired to create always new sweet treats, filled and covered with irresistible delicacies, suitable for every taste.

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